Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Parenting Debrief (5/31)

5 of 31 - SOLSC 2019
I'll say it again, this parenting thing ain't easy!

"So what do you think we should do differently next time?" I ask having closed the kitchen door. This was also after I returned from a short trip to the neighbor's house, which I took in order to depart from the escapade that had unfolded after dinner.

"I think you started it off really well."

I agreed with my husband on this point. I knew she was going to melt down thinking that Daddy's observation was anger and had worked to quickly translate so they could hear one another.

"But where did it go wrong?"

Neither of us could pinpoint the moment it had imploded, but we did come up with a game plan for the inevitable 'next time' before emerging from the kitchen. Let's hope we remember the play before the next debrief.


  1. Parenting is the toughest job. I find myself being the translator between strong willed husband and his pea in a pod, our eleven year old daughter. Translating between is walking several tight ropes at once.

    I like your combination of quotes and italicized explanation. It is visually interesting and kept me wondering. Nice.

  2. Parenting Debrief - great title! Working through the tough spots as we raise our children is no easy task and it takes a gazillion debriefs - with spouses, friends, family - there is never one right way and it always sanity saving to talk to someone about it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Having someone to tag team with is so helpful. When I entered my single parenting years that was a hard shift. Great to have a new plan in place. I love the way you highlighted dialogue and inner thinking.

  4. We do a lot of parenting debriefs around here... still learning every day! So much to learn... so many plays to try!

  5. I love that you take the time to ask the questions and reflect. Even if the moment didn't go as you had hoped, you are surely doing the work of parenting with love and care. I like your choice of italics for your inner thinking.

  6. Not going to lie, we still do parenting debriefs and our daughters go to college! While they aren't as often, we thought we were done with this stage! :)

    Thanks for this entertaining slice!