Saturday, March 30, 2019

Aging (30/31)

30 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

The introvert had to really gear up for a party, but gear up I did. I did not let other, more intimate offerings sway me, nor sleep, nor massage. I freshened up and headed out, though not particularly excited about it. 

Music, lights, and laughter welcomed us - along with friendly hellos at the door. Conversations, jiving music, and delectible food were all enjoyed. Knowing the dancing was coming, I felt the tugs in opposite directions; practical vs. the dance floor - and then everything shifted. 

The music, that had been enjoyable, though a bit difficult to talk over with anyone who wasn't within a three foot radius. As the dance floor opened the decibels were turned up a few notches. Talking diminished to only what was necessary. The dance floor filled as did my head, with pounding. I must be getting older. I thought to myself as I gathered my things and headed back into the night.


  1. Sometimes it can feel like the universe is giving you a pass to leave a party. It sounds like turning up the music was a good cue for you. Parties can be fun but exhausting.

  2. The place, the number of people, the music are all factors whether dancing is something on the positive side or rather a thing to avoid. The choice you made was a right one for you.